Manage all your shipments through one portal

Hub-ez provides a one-stop portal for all your e-commerce logistic needs.

Label Printing

You can print labels individually or in bulk for your orders to be processed.


Keep track of all your orders and see useful analytics in a simple to use dashboard report which is automatically generated for you.

Address Book

Create your address book as you go, and save time for more important things by doing less data entry.

Flexible Payment

Pay for your orders with multiple methods or top-up your account credit to streamline your shipping process.

Track & Trace

Once your shipment has been exported, you can monitor the statuses of your orders and keep track of them.

Tailor made APIs

Hub-ez has flexible APIs, which can connect & intergrate with different logistic systems.

Why hub-ez?

Easy to Access

A one stop portal for your logistics solutions

You can access hub-ez with multiple devices that have a web-browser, any time, any where as long as you have an internet connection.

Easy to Manage

Bulk order upload & bulk label printing

Upload multiple orders with a single csv file. Print multiple shipping labels quickly with an auto-complete address book. ‍

View all your hub-ez orders online or through a simple downloadable dashboard report.

Easy to Pay

Online Payment

Online payment solutions including WeChat Pay, AliPay, and PayPal. ‍

Top-up your account with our deposit feature, rest easy, and forget about billing or accounting issues.

Easy to Ship


Arrange your drop offs and pick-ups by email. Track your package online or integrate our track-and-trace with your own systems for your customers.

How hub-ez works

Start any time in a few simple steps.



Sign up with a few easy steps by contacting our hub-ez sales team!


Upload orders

Either connect with our software directly via API, or bulk upload your orders via our template CSV.


Drop-off orders

Send us pre-alerts for the orders you send directly to us so we can process them immediately!



Scheduled payments can be made online or you can keep your account topped off and rest easy!


Track your orders

Monitor your orders, you can also share updates with your customers.

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Feel free to send us any enquiry you may have about the Hub-Ez service, or to find out how to join! We look forward to getting back to you in a timely manner. Thank you for visiting Hub-Ez.

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